Volunteer’s Frequently Asked Questions




  1. How do I get to the Food Bank at 3003 S. Country Club Rd.? From the north: Take Kino Blvd. to 36th Street, turn east to Country Club.  The Building is on the corner, with the entrance off of Country Club.  From the south or west:  Take Ajo Road to Country Club, and turn north.
  2. What should I wear to volunteer? For safety, closed toes shoes are required (no sandals.) Also please do not wear tank tops or short shorts.  (for volunteers going to the farm, please see question 11)
  3. How old do I need to be to volunteer for the Food Bank? Volunteers must be age 16 or older.  No exceptions will be made to this policy, however other options exist for younger volunteers.
  4. What other options are available if would like to volunteer and I am under the age of 16? Volunteers under the age of 16 can work at Las Milpitas de Cottonwood Farm, but volunteers younger than 12 must be accompanied by a parent. Volunteers age 12 and up can help with the CFB Vehicle Wash that takes place once a month on a Saturday (with Parental Supervision for volunteers 12-15). Volunteers age 16 are are also welcome to help out at appropriate special events.  Call us for a list of upcoming special events.
  5. I have to do Court Ordered Community Service (CSV)– CSV volunteers must be age 16 and older.  We will not accept anyone who has a violent offense.  Hours, dates, and times must be pre-approved and arranged through the CVS coordinator in advance. For more information about Court Ordered Community Service, contact CVS Coordinator at 622-0525 Ex.221
  6. I need to do volunteer work for housing, jobs, or food stamps. What do I do? Limited opportunities are available for volunteers who are doing hours for housing, jobs, or food stamps.  Contact the Volunteer Manager to see if any hours are available at this time.
  7. I have a small amount of volunteer hours I need to complete for school. What do I do? Short term volunteer opportunities do exist and you need to schedule those hours directly with the Volunteer Manager via email or phone.  We ask for a minimum of 3 hours at a time and volunteers must have hours available Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  You can work more than three hours at a time.  There are limited hours available on Saturday.  Hours must be scheduled in advance.
  8. How do I volunteer at the the Las Milpitas de Cottonwood Farm? Volunteer work days are on Tuesday mornings and the first three Saturday mornings of each month.  Hours are 8-11a.m. Volunteers should schedule in advance.  Group options are also available.
  9. What should I wear to the farm? We really want to emphasize dressing appropriately for volunteering on the farm– wearing long pants, and long-sleeve, lightweight clothing to protect from the sun, as well as sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and close-toed shoes or boots. Volunteers should come prepared for the elements of being on a desert farm. Bring water and any snacks that you may need. Bring sunscreen and work gloves. If you have any allergies, please bring the appropriate medicine because there are insects (including bees) and other allergy inducing things at the farm.
  10. I would like to volunteer on Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays? The Community Food Bank is not open on these days.  We do have some volunteer opportunities for Christmas Day. You may contact the volunteer manager for information.
  11. I would like to help serve meals. We are a warehouse that stores and distributes food to hungry people throughout Southeastern Arizona via a number of different programs. We do not actually serve meals here. In order to do that you would need to contact a soup kitchen.  Here are some names and numbers you could contact for more information about homeless programs:  Primavera Foundation 623-5111; Casa Maria 624-0312.
  12. I would like to help with special events. We have several special events throughout the year that we need help with which are announced via an email blast.  Please submit your email address to the volunteer manager in order to be added to this list.
  13. Do you have evening opportunities? Not on a regular basis. We occasionally have special events that are held in the evening. You may want to contact the Volunteer Center for other opportunities.
  14. Can I get a record of my hours? Yes.  Advance notice is required so hours can be tallied.
  15. Can I deliver food? At this time we do not deliver food to client’s homes. We do distribute food boxes at various community sites throughout town.