Internships Available at the Food Bank

SNAP_deskThe Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona is a large, complex community non-profit organization.  We have available unpaid internship opportunities which can provide hands-on experience for undergraduate or graduate students in a variety of areas.  Students of non-profit management, public health, business, social and behavioral sciences, agriculture, nutrition, IT, and other disciplines may find an internship valuable.

Our current identified needs are described below.  However, we are also willing to work with individual students to craft appropriate internships beyond those described.

How do I apply?

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete and submit an individual volunteer application online. The Volunteer Department will respond to your online application via email.  If you want some additional information, feel free to contact the Volunteer Department by sending an email to and we will respond to you by email.  You may also call the Volunteer Department at (520) 882-3293.

2. The Volunteer Department will give you available dates to tour the main facility at 3003 S. Country Club Road, where you will hear about internship and other volunteer opportunities.

3. Once you confirm your interest, the volunteer office will schedule an appointment with the specific department.

I have specific requirements to meet to get credit for the internship.

We want the internship to work for both you and us. You may email the volunteer office at, or call the office at 520-882-3293, to discuss specific details.

How do I document completion of my internship requirements?

Internship hours are recorded through an electronic system. The volunteer office will provide documentation letters, given 24 hour notice. The intern’s direct supervisor will conduct an evaluation upon request, and is willing to meet with the class professor if required by the internship.

Are stipends available?

All of our internships are unpaid.

How many hours would I need to work?

This varies by position, but internships are structured to be within 10-20 hours per week. Contact us if you have specific parameters you would like to discuss.

I need to have a specific job description for my professor, including learning objectives.

This will be developed with your input before or during the first week of the internship as required.

We hope you join us.  The Community Food Bank depends on help from interns and volunteers to complete our important mission.


Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

Internship (Unpaid) Openings


Consumer Advocacy
The intern will assist in the Gabrielle Giffords Family Advocacy Center, which assists clients in accessing other resources, especially SNAP (Food Stamps). The intern should be bilingual in Spanish. Openings available on Mondays through  Fridays.

Caridad Community Kitchen Program Assistant
Caridad Community Kitchen provides food at congregate meal sites throughout the community in conjunction with the religious community.  We are seeking an intern to assist in the “front of the house” doing data entry and spreadsheet work, assist in the development of an alumni follow-up program, build restaurant and social service relationships, create a resource guide for students, assist in tracking current student progress, help to design a restaurant internship program and other duties as assigned by the Program Manager and/or Chefs. Intern will gain valuable knowledge of non-profit management, hunger and social service programs, office administration.

Caridad Community Kitchen Database Developer
Pilot the design of software to track and monitor applicant, student and alumni data. Computer programming skills required.

Caridad Community Kitchen/Social Work and Student Counseling Internship
Intern will provide information about community resources for training program students. A background in counseling high risk individuals is preferred. A Masters of Social Work, or advanced Masters of Social Work student is preferred.

Volunteer Liaison
Intern will review volunteer applications, provide tours of the facility and program information to potential volunteers, and place volunteers in appropriate positions.  The intern helps ensure ongoing satisfaction of volunteers.  A liaison is sought for Fridays an Saturdays.

Veteran Volunteer Outreach
The Community Food Bank would like to expand its volunteer program specifically with Tucson area veteran volunteers.  An intern would develop the outreach program and community partnerships to successfully engage veterans and veteran organizations, with the goal of meeting the needs of Veterans for community engagement and the CFB for volunteer participation.

Partner Matrix and Mapping
The intern will collate information from various departments to identify what partnerships the organization currently holds, and develop a matrix and interactive map of the partnerships.

Farmer’s Market Intern
Intern will set up and sell produce at the CFB farmers’ markets, particularly the El Pueblo Market on Monday afternoons.  Intern may also administer surveys, translate flyers, and help coordinate special events.  Spanish speaker required. Basic written English to Spanish translation skills appreciated.

Pantry Outreach Coordinator
Intern would staff an informational table, and share information to clients about other programs within the building.  Orientation and training in different departments will be provided. Available 9:00am to noon on Tuesdays through Fridays.

Front Desk Intern
Intern needed to assist at the CFB front desk.  Individual will gain valuable insights into client services in a non-profit setting.

Food Safety Education – Preparation of educational materials
Prepare educational materials about food safety.  Concise, creative materials are needed targeted to employees, volunteers or clients, and could be in a variety of formats.  Communication, design, writing, education or nutrition students may be interested.

Reporter/Writer – Community Food Bank Development Office
It is important to document the face of hunger in Southern Arizona.  We are seeking an intern who would collect the stories of clients, both at the Food Bank and at our partner organizations, and document them.  Interns adept at different media (writing, photography, video) are encouraged to apply.