Marana Farmers’ Market

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Marana Closing Information

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 At the Marana Farmers’ Market you can find fresh fruit and vegetables for sale every Tuesday from 3:00-6:00 pm. The produce for sale is grown in neighboring farms and gardens and in large part comes from the Community Foods Consignment Program. Other vendors also come to sell vegetables, eggs, honey, and meat (seasonally).

The Farmers’ Market Stand accepts cash, EBT (food stamps), AZFMNP and WIC vouchers as well as credit and debit cards.

When is the Market open?
Tuesdays, 3:oo pm – 6:oo pm
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How can I sell my food or produce at the Marana Farmers’ Market?

  • We are always looking for new vendors to increase the diversity of our market. To become a vendor at the market contact the Farmers’ Market Manager at 622-0525 ext 242.
  • You are also welcome to sell your products on consignment. To learn more about our innovative Community Foods Consignment program where small farmers and home gardeners sell their produce at the market on consignment contact the Consignment Coordinator at 6882-3271.

radishesWhere is the Market?

The Marana Farmers’ Market is held at the new Marana Health Center, 13395 N. Marana Main Street.

Directions from Tucson are: take I-10 to the Marana exit; turn left at the end of the ramp; go approximately 1.5 miles and turn left on Barnett; then turn left into the Marana Municipal Complex. The Farmer’s Market is on the patio on the southeast side of the building.

What foods are available at the farmers’ market? (View complete list here!)
Fall (Sept-Nov) — Apples, chilies, sweet corn, greens, pumpkins, squash, potatoes, onions
Winter (Dec-Jan) — Asian Greens, lettuce, other greens citrus, sweet potatoes, green onions
Spring (Feb-April) — Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, swiss chard, peas, leeks, onions
Summer (May-August) — Apples, garlic, chilies, green beans, bell peppers, melons, squash, tomatoes