Food Boxes (TEFAP)

TEFAP Food Boxes are boxes of food distributed to individuals and families by the Community Food Bank and its agencies.

To receive a Food Box :

  1. view eligibility guidelines. Click here
  2. locate the agency/pantry that is most convenient to you. Click here
  3. go to that pantry during their listed hours of operation and request a Food Box

Clients are welcome for one visit per month.

The pantry/agency will ask you for the following information:

  • name
  • age of you and all members of your family residing with you
  • your zip code
  • your family size.

This information is for statistical reporting purposes only.


Starting July 1st, The EmergencyFood Assistance Program (TEFAP) will be changing the type of available food assistance packages; from two sizes to one size. All TEFAP packages will contain the exact same items. The amount of packages a family receives will be based on the number of members in the household:

  • A family with 1, 2, or 3 members will receive 1 bag plus bread, produce, and any bonus items as available
  • A family with 4, 5, or 6 members will receive 2 bags plus bread, produce, and any bonus items as available
  • A family with 7 or more members will receive 3 bags plus bread, produce, and any bonus items as available

This project is funded by the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Hunger Relief Program.


Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Department must make a reasonable accommodation to allow a person with a disability to take part in a program, service, or activity. For example, this means that if necessary, the Department must provide sign language interpreters for people who are deaf, a wheelchair accessible location, or enlarged print materials. It also means that the Department will take any other reasonable action that allows you to take part in and understand a program or activity, including making reasonable changes to an activity. If you believe that you will not be able to understand or take part in a program or activity because of your disability, please let us know of your disability needs in advance if at all possible. To obtain this document in an alternative format, please contact the Arizona Department of Economic Security ADA Liaison at 602-771-7500 “In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, political beliefs, or disability. “To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call (800) 795-3272 (voice) or (202) 720-6382 ( TTY). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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These agencies are open to the public.