Congregate Meal Sites / Soup Kitchens

This federally funded program distributes food obtained from the USDA to low-income residents. Every month over 11 congregate meal sites prepare meals with USDA and other commodity foods they have received.

While there are many soup Kitchens throughout Tucson only a handful receive assistance from the Community Food Bank. There are 11 Kitchens that we distribute surplus USDA food to. These kitchens receive food through the TEFAP Food Box program, however, instead of receiving it on a monthly basis, they receive food on a quarterly basis.

Of the 11 Soup Kitchens only 2 feed the community at large. The other 9 are abuse/drug/alcohol treatment centers and feed only their clients. (For reason of security the names of those organization will not be published on this website.) The 2 soup kitchens that feed the community at large are Casa Maria and Caridad Community Kitchen. Please contact each establishment to find out days, times and locations of service.

  • Casa Maria- (520) 624-0312