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Why choose a Virtual Food Drive?

The “Virtual Food Drive” concept is also great for businesses and organizations wanting to participate in food drive activities. Collect the money for the goods that are needed rather than having coworkers bring in food from home and then has to be transported to the Food Bank. With the “Virtual Food Drive”, you can set up a competition between departments, divisions, locations, or individuals.

There are advantages to donating via the virtual food drive over a traditional food drive:

1. The money donated through the “Virtual Food Drive” is tax-deductible and easier to figure out at tax time. Not to mention that you don’t have to make an extra trip to the store in order to participate in a food drive! A tax receipt is generated immediately upon purchase.

2. The dollars donated are worth more because we can save money through special partnerships with large food donors and by buying food items in bulk. For each $1 donated through a virtual food drive we can distribute almost $9of food, enough for about four meals.

3. The donations go towards purchasing the foods that traditional food drives don’t bring in, such as perishable items like fresh produce, meats, and breads.

4. The virtual food drive allows us to lower our costs because there are no transportation costs or volunteer hours needed.

We encourage you to help the hungry in our community by donating through our “Virtual Food Drive”. You may never go back to the traditional food drive again!

if you have questions about a virtual food drive please call Cecily Urizar-Faught at 622-0525 ext 241, or email

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