Community Food Bank Recall Notices

BOLOs (“Be On the Look-Out”) are lists of potentially dangerous recalled items that we want catch in our sorting process. These lists are to be posted in our sorting areas, close enough to be readable by our sorting volunteers. BOLOs are simplified as much as possible so as not to overwhelm our sorting volunteers with too much information. Volunteers who find an item listed on a BOLO should give the item to their supervisor who has more information available to do a final evaluation.

The Recall Archive is a detailed list of every recalled item that has ever concerned us. This is a resource for sorting supervisors to evaluate BOLO items that have been brought to them by sorters.

Sometimes the number of brands or UPCs included in a recall is too long to list in a single Recall Archive entry. These are given a Long List, which is then referred to in the Recall Archive. Sorting supervisors will occasionally have to consult a Long List to evaluate BOLO items brought to them by sorters.