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What does the Community Food Bank Do?

We help hungry people, by giving them food to eat. There are many, many hungry people in Tucson. Lots of them are kids.

The food bank has different ways to help people get food. One way is an emergency food box. This is a box of food that doesn’t have to be in the refrigerator. If a hungry person doesn’t have a kitchen we can give them a box of food that doesn’t need to be cooked.

The Senior Food Plus program helps older people who need food. Once a month they can get a grocery bag full of food.

Infant boxes are another way we help. Babies need formula. An infant box gives a Mom ten days of formula for her baby.

We also help people grow their own food. If someone wants to have a garden in their yard, we can help them plant the garden. They can grow vegetables and herbs themselves.

Who Does The Community Food Bank Help?

We help people who are hungry. Lots of people are hungry, not just homeless people. People with families are hungry. Children are hungry. People who have jobs are hungry. Grandmas and grandpas are hungry. Babies are hungry. The food bank helps all kinds of people who are hungry.

How can people get food from the food bank?

They just have to ask.


How Can I help?

You can donate food when your school or church has a food drive.

You can volunteer your time. If your school or church has a food drive offer to help. When you get a little older you can volunteer at the food bank.

Volunteers do lots of jobs at the food bank. They pack emergency food boxes, infant boxes, and Senior brown bags. They stock the shelves at the grocery store. They help in the garden.

You can tell your Moms and Dads about the Community Food Bank, so that they can help too.