I just need to be doing something

Trying to find another job has just been really hard. I couldn’t get a job at Walmart. I expected the interview to be so easy, but it wasn’t.

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Alma, Kathy, and Yuridia

We didn’t know about Food Stamps

When I watch the news I always hear the words upper class and middle class, but they never talk about the lower class. The media only represents the middle class.

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I’m rich in other ways

I grew up poor. One day my sister and I went to the cupboard because we hadn’t had lunch. We found little pieces of spaghetti that had gotten loose from the package on the shelf, and a drop of honey.

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It’s important that my kids eat fruit and vegetables

If I bring home apples or bananas from the Food Bank, my kids get excited. Some months we have produce and some months we don’t. It’s important to me that my kids eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

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It’s a good feeling to help other families

I’ve been involved with Las Milpitas Community Farm for two years. I was invited a couple of times, but I didn’t really want to participate because I would come home tired from work. I didn’t think I had the time.

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Stan and Nicole

Everyone deserves access to nutritional foods

It all started when I ended up in the hospital, really sick with a kidney infection. I used to eat noodles and poptarts, and have two energy drinks a day. All junk food, nothing real.

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With the Food Bank, we make salads for the kids

We try to give our children healthy food, but it’s not the same as it was in Mexico. If you bought something from a farmer in Mexico, you knew that he had been carrying it for two days or maybe even two hours.

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The program was worth it, now I have a job

It’s awesome that this is a free program, but it’s hard that it’s not paid work. I had to keep working during the program.

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Irene and Michael

I’m too old to find a part-time job

If you come to the Tombstone Food Bank at the beginning of the month, there’s quite a line. Most of the people I know who live in town, I see at the Food Bank.

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Now that I’m retired, I do what I can to help

My dad worked three jobs to support us, to put food on the table. We had to stretch our food. He was too proud to go to the Food Bank. I look at it now, and isn’t pride one of the deadly sins?

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