Garden Program

The goal of this program is to provide resources and know-how to individuals and families interested in growing some of their own food. In this way, the power to grow fresh, nutritious, chemical-free vegetables is in the hands of those who wish to eat them!

Our interest is in your success! Stop by and see us, or give us a call anytime. We welcome questions, ideas and visits of all shapes and sizes! Contact us.

Let us know How Your Garden Grows!

Every season we assist hundreds of local gardeners to get the knowledge and materials they need to start growing some of their own food. But after you leave the workshop or pick up your seeds, we’ve never been able to find out if your gardens were successful- until now!

We want to know more about what is working in your gardens and what we could do to better support you. Please take a moment to fill out an online survey and use comment sections to let us know your ideas! If you’d like a hard copy of the survey we’d be happy to send it to you in the mail. Tell your friends!

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