Education and Advocacy

The Community Food Bank is honored to be able to distribute food to those in need, but we feel that it is even better to help people move toward self-sufficiency. We offer a variety of tools to enable our clients to provide for themselves and their families.

  • We address hunger from infancy to adulthood through numerous programs that fill in the gaps where schools, food stamps and other assistance programs leave off.

  • The Farm-to-Child Program improves children’s access to healthy food in schools and the preschool/childcare environment. We use our expertise in growing food to help parents and teachers learn to garden. We provide technical assistance and workshops, troubleshooting and training on issues such as composting, hen raising, aquaponics, container- and in-ground gardening, and food safety. Kids involved in gardening show an increased preference for fruits and vegetables, increases in scientific achievements, and overall improved attitudes, knowledge, and academic achievement.