School Pantry

The Community Food Bank’s School Pantry Program is an exciting new pilot in the struggle to end hunger for children. The mission of the School Pantry Program is to help alleviate child hunger by providing nutritious food to children and their families in convenient, familiar, and safe locations.

School pantries are typically located at a school, but may also operate in locations such as a resource center, park, or youth organization site. Sites are consistently in the same location on the school’s campus (or other locations), have set distribution schedules (set hours of operation or as a need-by basis distribution), and offer ongoing food assistance services. Sites may have a permanent set-up or may operate through a mobile distribution rotation where food is brought to the site. The greatest strength of the School Pantry is that it provides supplemental food assistance to students and their families who can easily and discreetly access food support because the pantry is located within the school they attend daily.

Pantries make nutritious staple grocery items, as well as fresh produce, available to students and their household family members at no cost.  Too many students are forced to deal with the anxiety that accompanies living without day-to-day necessities, often making school the least of their worries.  School Pantries give students the resources they need to learn and grow at home, allowing them to devote their energy and attention toward succeeding at school.

For more information about the School Pantry Program, please contact the Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator, Linda Kraemer, at or (520) 622-0525 ext. 7295.