Child Nutrition Reauthorization

June 2016

A Congressional House Committee has passed a version of Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) that includes many harmful policies that go against Arizona priorities. Included is a recommendation to block grant school meals allowing states to set their own eligibility rules and make it more difficult for children to access nutritious meals. This proposed legislation is also absent of any requirements that children have access to school breakfast and lunch, and would add unnecessary and wasteful administrative burden.  If passed, this would open the door to converting other nutrition programs to block grant funding, including SNAP.

Join the Community Food Bank in opposing this proposed legislation by contacting your Congressman and urge them to maintain a commitment to protect child nutrition programs by voting no to HR 5003.

Ways to Take Action

  • Contact your Congressperson. You can use this form to find out whom to contact, based on your district.
  • Add your name. We urge all concerned citizens to add their name to this statement, and share it with your friends and network.
  • Find out more. Read more about this proposed legislation. Please feel free to call the Community Food Bank to speak with our Advocacy department and learn more about this and other ways you can help.
  • Sign Up For Advocacy Alerts. Join our email list to stay informed about the latest in this and other bills of concern to our community.