2015 Map the Meal Gap

According to a new study released by Feeding America, 17.5%, or almost 1 in 5, Arizonans may not have enough to eat at any given time. In comparison, the national average is 15.8%.  It is estimated that more than half a billion dollars would be needed to meet peoples’ food needs statewide. In Pima County, where nearly 156,000 people lack access to nutritionally adequate foods, more than $78 million is needed to close the gap.

An interactive map containing state- and county-level data, Map the Meal Gap reflects information collected between 2009 and 2013. In addition to showing overall totals, the study also calculates hunger rates among children specifically. In Arizona, children comprise 39% of the overall total. More than 450,000 children living in Arizona reside in households without reliable access to food.